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...letter from JACK IMEL -

Jack Imel Max,

I want you to know how much I enjoyed your recent presentation of "Stories Under the Stones." I can sum it up with one word...."Great!"

You certainly had the attention of your audience, and they really loved it. I can't believe how fast the time went. I wanted to hear more of your wonderful stories.

As my ex-boss Lawrence Welk would have said: "A-Wunderful, A-Wunderful!"

Jack Imel
Entertainer and Producer
Welk Productions

"I have just completed a romp through history. 'Celebrity Encores' provides a facinating look at the great, the near great, and the sometimes forgotten characters that have shaped out American Heritage. A very unusal insight into their lives, brightened by often whimisical 'factoids.' Guaranteed to both keep your interest and a smile on your face...a must read"

Larry R. Darby
Homeland, CA

"Max Donaldson, historian and fact finder, wowed the crowd with his one of a kind presentation. Max was charming, charismatic and a proverbial wealth of information. This crowd didn't know that 'history' could be so interesting and fun! The audience didn't want Max to hour went by much too quickly. We look forward to his next appearance and the opportunity to share in his wonderful stories and historical facts. What a show! What a fellah! Our special thanks to Max Donaldson and his wonderful 'one man show'!" Deb Kuhl - Lakewood CO

"You have delighted us all with your energy and storytelling. What a gift you have! Thank you for being such a bright spot in our celebration tonight." - PEPSI @ Grace Chapel

"Max is a great showman, storyteller and a very delightful person. You are always welcome at Grandview." - Anita, Sun City West Arizona '08

"Max, thank you for your wonderful presentation to the Model T Ford club. I have heard from members that have called to tell me how much they enjoyed your show." - D. Holdaway

"Max Donaldson visited the North Jeffco Parks and Recreation District and presented "Stories Under The Stones" which was so well received. He was so well prepared, engaging, and the audience really fell into his presentation. I would welcome the opportunity to have Max back, soon." - D. Verhag, Recreation Coordinator, North Jeffco

"At our annual Buffalo Bill Commemoration this year, we very much appreciated how you tailored your presentation to our context with information about celebrities of the 'Old West'. As one of the audience members, I further enjoyed the manner in which you made the presentation both witty and informative. Thank you so much for your part in making our Buffalo Bill Commemoration a great success." - S. Friesen, Director, Buffalo Bill Museum

"I had the pleasure of seeing Max's "StoriesUnder the Stones" in Kansas City recently. He puts on a great show, with very good quality computer images and his stories are unique and delivered in a professional and funny manner. An experienced long-time showman that makes his audience comfortable. BOFFO!" Joan Hancock, atty. Raytown, Missouri

"Thanks, Max, for joining us with a great presentation at Denver's Gyro Club. The group absolutely loved it, and we'd like you back very soon." - Geoff Graham, V/P Denver Gyro Club

interacting and entertaining
Max Donaldson's shows are witty, informative,
and most of all, entertaining!

We are so grateful for your help with our 'Toys for Gods Kids Fund Raiser.' Your infectious enthusiasm is a gift all on it's own...the crowd went wild, now everyone is clamoring for an encore! Thanks again for a wonderful and memorable presentation last evening.
- The Dorhouts.

A real showman, Max Donaldson knows how to captivate an audience. His unique presentation about celebrities that we all knew and grew up with is full of astonishing factoids and touches on brilliance. Full of wit, wisdom and sheer entertainment he will leave a joyful and lasting impression. Lissa Ann Forbes, founder - The Elemental Press

"What a magnificent show. I was riveted by the bios. Wonderful information not commonly known. And the rubbings, spectacular! I would not have thought of grave rubbings as an art form before viewing your work." B. Montgomery, Denver

"Your journey of "Stories Under the Stones" was so real, our folks felt like they had gone to charming, out of the way places and met people (famous and not so famous) who were very interesting. The tidbits of information made us feel like Max had met each individual personally. We also enjoyed having the opportunity to buy your new book." - Kathy Goemmel, Villas at Sunny Acres

"If you want your audiences to be entertained, educated and inspired, you must book Max Donaldson! His presentations bring history to life! His personality delights audiences of all ages. Schedule Max for your next meeting, you will be the hero of your organization."

Joe Sabah, Founding President Colorado Speakers Assn.
Joe Sabah, Founding President of the Colorado Speakers Assn.

"Max Donaldson gives a humorous slice of American History, illustrated with grave rubbings of famous people. Laugh your way through historical anecdotes of well known celebrities." (Aurora History Museum, Aurora, CO)

"What a joy you brought to the residents of the Mondell House, and they talked about your show for days afterwards! Thank you Max for the delightful way you presented your unique program, and kudos to you for your kindness and personal interaction with our residents. Wishing you continued success with 'Stories Under the Stones' and expressing hope you will return to regale us with your tales another time." - Karen Bennett, Mondell House, Surprise AZ

"A very big thank you for coming to Paradise Valley and giving us a wonderful show, which was well presented, well spoken, interesting as well as informative. Two thumbs up!" - Margaret Abrams, Paradise Valley, Phoenix AZ

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