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Celebrity Encores: Secrets, Facts, and Foibles
Max Donaldson's new book
available April 2009

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Max Donaldson's new book...
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Max Donaldson's first book
More Stories Unders The Stones

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New Release: Celebrity Fun Book


Max Donaldson's
Celebrity Fun Book

Released June 15th

Celebrity Encores:

Secrets, Facts, and Foibles

Max Donaldson, master storyteller, humorist, and author, has announced the release of his newest book, Celebrity Encores and Secrets, Facts, and Foibles. This collection of more than 50 unusual stories offers a glimpse into the lives of famous and infamous characters from American life and culture.

Max is back on stage, entertaining audiences around the country with a boffo show that reveals little-known tales about celebrated musicians, authors, frontiersmen, athletes, and outlaws.

Celebrity Encores - Secrets, Facts, an Foibles by Max Donaldson

"More Stories Under The Stones"
by Max Donaldson

During the course of my hour-long presentation, I can only cover up to 28 celebrities Ė just a fraction of my grave rubbings collection. Afterward, people always have questions about a favorite personality that I didnít have time to talk about. In response to that interest, I have published More Stories Under the Stones featuring about 50 yarns of additional celebrities not discussed in the show, including several pages of color photographs. The publication is available at every speaking engagement.

...a humorous and insightful collection of celebrity stories that separate the truth from lies and also provide an entertaining glimps into little known facts about famous Hollywood actors, comedians, musicians, mobsters, jocks, native Americans, and frontier legends...

...an entertaining gift idea, too.

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